Archaeological Research Center of St. Louis, Inc; Prehistoric and historic

ARC is DBE/WBE certified

About ARC


 The Archaeological Research Center of St. Louis, Inc. was formed in 1994 from the staff of the University of Missouri-St. Louis Archaeological Service; as a result, we have been conducting cultural resource investigations since 1978. This has included but not limited to; architectural survey, prehistoric and historic archaeology, Missouri archaeology and Illinois Archaeology.


 We have extensive experience in cultural resource management studies across Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.  With some members of our company having over 30 years of experience, ARC has established a good working relationship with the State Historic Preservation Offices in various states, which enables us to assist our clients throughout the Section 106 process.  Our professional and knowledgeable staff of cultural resource specialists can provide services that meet all of the standards set forth in the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards (36CFR61). We employ only trained professionals, insuring that projects are conducted accurately, efficiently, and in accordance with state and federal standards. . 


 With the understanding that construction schedules frequently depend upon preliminary investigations, ARC is committed to working with our clients to develop a schedule that meets their needs while completing work in a timely manner.