Upcoming Talks


2/26/2019, 7-8:30PM Bridgeton Trails Branch Library 3455 McKelvey Rd. Bridgeton, MO 63044-2500

 A Historical Archaeological View of History

Historians use written and other archival documents to understand the past. However as all detectives know, what people report seeing and what actually happened are sometimes completely different. Historical archaeologists rely on archival documents but this check information against the material remains that people actual used. These objects sometimes reveal a different understanding of history than is typically taught. Some insights gained through historical archaeology from excavations in Missouri will be discussed and how these are changing our views of the past. 

5/14/2019, 2-3 PM At Samuel C. Sachs Branch Library 16400 Burkhardt Place. Chesterfield, MO 63017

Urban Archaeology: Archaeological Remains Buried 

Beneath Modern Cities in Eastern Missouri

It is typically assumed that archaeological remains within cities have been destroyed by later construction. Instead, when archaeological investigations are conducted, a wealth of information has been discovered. However, urban archaeology requires different techniques than used in traditional archaeology. The special techniques used in urban archaeology will be discussed as well as the amazing findings that exist beneath the modern urban landscape